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Nav.Net Beta 3.2

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Today I’ve released Beta 3.2. This release contains many improvements with fileformats and there are some fixes. I want to thank to our forum members for their suggestions and ideas. If you want to share your ideas or ask questions feel free to join us.

Here are the new features and fixes:

1. File Format Tester: This tool is used to preview or test your hand made file formats. It is useful to test your complex formats if it is working or not. You can find it at the tools submenu under the file formats list box.

File Format Tester Menu

2. File Format Settings: Optionally it is possible to configure some individual file formats. Settings are configured in {-x -y} brackets end of a format. An example usage is:

DSC0[001-999].jpg{-s -f -i:5 -d}

List of settings:

  • -s: Sequential Search: FG will test this format sequential.
  • -f: Force to end: FG will continue test after it finds an image. (Same as +)
  • -i:x Interval Limit: Minimal interval limit for this format. x = Interval limit.
  • -d: Numerical Fusker: For example we have a format like [a-z][1-9].jpg and we found a9.jpg. When you double click the result fusker continues as a9,b1,b2,b3,..z9.jpg. After z9.jpg fusker will not continue even you click next 100 button. If you include -d switch, when FG finds a9.jpg and you double click result, it will generate fusker as a10.jpg, a11.jpg, a12.jpg,….

3. Auto add file hits to download queue setting: This Fusker Generator setting is useful to automatically download images found during fuskering session.

4. [1-Z] format fixed. Also some small bugs fixed.

5. Fusker Generator progress view optimized to start fuskering quickly and use less memory if we have long lists.

6. Nav.Net will request your confirmation on exit.