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Nav.Net Beta 2

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Hi; I’ve released Nav.Net second Beta today. This update contains many improvements and fixes.

1. Automatic Setup feature: This installer checks the depended modules (.net 2.0, ie6, etc) and gives an option to user to download and install them automatically. If you have custom edited format files or favorites, after installation you can copy them to new Nav.Net directory. Default installation directory is {program files}\NavNet\

2. Using ranges inside value arrays is possible. Usage is [xxx,yyy,[1-9]].jpg You need to add additional brackets to identify the range. This is same as writing [xxx,yyy,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]. You can create complex formats like


This format will generate Friend.jpg, Friend001.jpg….Friend009.jpg, Friends.jpg, Friends001.jpg….Friends009.jpg and their lowercase versions….

3. You can use nested value arrays. You can add value arrays inside value arrays. Hey this means a usage like [DSC[N,F,],dsc[n,f,]]00[01-99].jpg is possible. You can also mix nested values and ranges in a value array like [DSC[N,F,],dsc[n,f,]]00[[01-99],[001-099]][-1,].jpg.

4. Fusker Generator GUI redesigned. Some parts of the screen organized into pages to make a better and eaasier usage of features. Nav.Net will also try to guess the ETA inside progress window for giving you an idea about the duration of your fusker session. Handling of threads improved. Progress window also will work different for following the progreess easier and low memory usage.

Fusker Generator Screen Shot

5. Fusker pooling added to generate batch fuskers. You can activate the pooling page and add some user names (one per line) to fusker all at once.

6. Two new settings added to Fusker Generator.

  1. Auto Add Directory Hits to Fusker Pool. When this option is activated FG adds directory findings to fusker queue.
  2. Search Behaviour: There are three options: Normal, Sequential + and Sequential All. FG checks numbers by intervals and each step it decreases the interval. This is the Normal setting. If you select Sequential + FG will run formats begining with + sign sequential. If you select Sequential All FG will run all formats sequential.

7. Format editor button added next to format editor under browser page. With this page you can easily edit formatted Nav.Net URL’s.

Format Editor Screen Shot

Happy Hunting…