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Fusker Generator FAQ

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How do I fusker?

Click the Fusker Generator and either type in the username or put the full PB link. If you are unsure what to enter, just enter the username. Nav.Net will find the rest.

How do I find a sub-album?

Just like how you would find an image, but there is no file extension at the end. For example to search for an album named Nudes.jpg there mustn't be a .jpg at the end and must look like Nudes.

I found a sub-album, how do I fusker that?

When a subalbum is found, you can place that subalbum name at the end of the URL to scan for files, or more subalbums within that album.  In the "Settings" tab, if "Auto add direcotry hits to fusker pool" is selected it will automatically scan inside the subalbum after it has finished the parent directory.

How do I download all the images after I fusker?

Click the icon that shows a globe with an arrow pointing down, keep in mind it will only download the tab that is present, and not all the open tabs. 

Whats the best thread count?

This depends on your connection and the processing power of your computer. You can adjust the number of theads upwards untill you see the search status begin to freeze.  Try to have the highest thread count while maintaining a smooth running seach status

I found an image labeled IMG_0100.jpg and I know there is an image named IMG_3010.jpg but when I double click the IMG_0100.jpg image it doesn't show IMG_3010...why is that?
When you double click on IMG_0100.jpg you are asked what range you would like to search. If you put in 500, it will search IMG_0100.jpg - IMG_0600.jpg and to search more you would have to click on the green arrows at the bottom right corner. Clicking left will decrease 500 and clicking right increases. 

How do I view a video after my fusker found the image? How do I download the video?
Copy the link and paste it into a browser, delete the "th_ and replace the .jpg with .flv

You will be promted to either click open and view the video or you can download it once you put the URL in and do as the above says.

I can't view videos using's browser, how can I fix this?
Install the latest version of Flash Player. For VISTA64xbit users, your shit out of luck, Flash isn't compatible with

Can we fusker imageshack, myspace and facebook images?
Simple answer...No, they are too complex and long to fusker, it would take a very long time to do.

What does the max interval setting do?
If you have it set at 1, it will search in numerical order. If you have it set at 10 it will skip 10. For instance if you have an image named 1.jpg and the max interval at 10 it will do the following... 


and so forth.


Thanks to Nav.Net Forum Mods for this FAQ.