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Nothing found for search term? (4.4.3)

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 Are you getting this error message while starting FG? Download 4.4.3 release.

Nav.Net NG

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Nav.Net NG official release time is near. Nav.Net NG has its own site at address. I've released a special NG version for Supporters there. Visit Nav.Net NG site for News, Documentation, Release Notes and Download.

Nav.Net Beta 4.4.2

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I've released Nav.Net B4.4.2 update. No new features but it fixes some little problems. Also I've balanced Fusker Generator Connection Speed Optimizer to work better.

Again thanks to everybody who sent error reports.

If you are upgrading from B4.4 uninstalling previous version not needed. But who knows? Stay on the safe side and don't forget getting backups of your important files. 


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How to activate your supporter account.

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Normally you'll receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as you complete the donation process. After clicking the activation link inside the confirmation e-mail you'll be able to create your account password. After creating your password open Nav.Net Settings screen and switch to "Supporter Settings" section. Enter your paypal e-mail address and password there. After clicking [Verify] button some disabled features should re-enable. Read more

Nav.Net Beta 4.4

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We have a new service release. This update contains no new features. Thanks to anyone who sent error reports to help me on fixing bugs. If you are upgrading from Nav.Net Beta 3.5 please read Nav.Net Beta 4.0 and Nav.Net Beta 4.1 announcements for new features.

Nav.Net Beta 4.3

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I've uploaded a new service release. Beta 4.3 contains no new features. This release contains some fixes and fine tuning of 4.0 features. I've also updated default fusker list and added a wordlist. If you are upgrading from Nav.Net Beta 3.5 please read Nav.Net Beta 4.0 and Nav.Net Beta 4.1 announcements for new features.

Why I'm getting red "Sleep X seconds" notifications.

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"Sleep X Seconds" notification means Nav.Net detected a connection problem and paused Fusker Generator. After X seconds Nav.Net will check if connection is alive. It will repeat this test until connection problem ends. When it successfully connects to server it will continue fuskering.Read more

Nav.Net Beta 4.2

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I've released Nav.Net Beta 4.2. There are no new features for this release. It solves some problems with older versions of Nav.Net. If you are upgrading from Nav.Net Beta 3.5 please read Nav.Net Beta 4.0 and Nav.Net Beta 4.1 announcements for new features.

Nav.Net Beta 4.1

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First of all I want to thank to all new supporters. I've promised to create better features so I've immadiately started to work on a new release. Here are the new features:

File Format Tester tool tests Conditional Formats

File format tester can test conditional formats. Enter a file name to see what will happen on that filename hit. You can add multiple filenames merged with ";" to test further levels of conditions. You can also enter double filenames merged with & for testing conditional formats merged with &...Read more

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